Sparks of Magic

Mixin' it Up!


I love yogurt. But I don't love just any kind of yogurt. I love Greek yogurt! (Even better with my Mickey spoon, swoon!) My current favorite is Fage (pronounced fa-yeh!), and it's amazing. So amazing that it's taking me forever to type this post because I'm enjoying it so much. Maybe multi-tasking is not my forte if eating is involved! And also even more amazing when it's on sale for 10/$10!

Did you know yogurt has healing properties? The live active cultures are beneficial for many things, including digestion & fighting off bad bacteria. Additionally, some lactose intolerant people can actually handle yogurt due to these microorganisms! My daughter #2 is able to eat yogurt while she can't tolerate milk. It's a weird thing. I don't get it, but hey, it makes her happy. 

Well, here's to a fab night mixing it up! Ironically, the label says "do not stir." Oops!  Too late!

xo {spread magic} 


disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor nor do I claim to be any type of medical specialist, all opinions come from my personal experience and this post does not mean you should go eat yogurt because I love it. Be wise and consult your physician before being "adventurous" by eating something you know you're allergic or possibly allergic or intolerant to. that's all!