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Disney On the Road!


Well, the time has come. In all honesty, I've been so excited, but so busy, this week finishing up work and home things so that I could fully enjoy my time with Disney On the Road, that I didn't put together a blog post just yet! 

Coolest idea. Where was this the last time I flew?! 

Coolest idea. Where was this the last time I flew?! 

Current status: I'm sitting at the airport terminal in San Jose and so far it hasn't been too crazy. Security was a breeze, got myself a Jamba Juice and found an awesome plug for my electronics in the arm of the chair. The flight has been delayed about 20 minutes but that's okay. I'm heading towards magic :) don't worry I brought my own magic along the way, too. 

You might be wondering what I'm up to now. Well, I was invited to take part in Disney Social Media Moms (#DisneySMMoms) event, courtesy of Disney Parks, in conjunction with MomSelect, Huggies and HP.  For many of us Disney fanatics that are also bloggers it happens just once a year and is something that we all would love to be invited to! There's a big conference held at the Parks, recently at Disneyland, and then they take the workshops on the road! I've followed others the last couple of years on their adventures and I am thrilled to be part of the group this year. It's truly an honor! 

I've only recently gotten back into writing since working full time and while I miss my Disney everyday, I'm so happy to be on this course. I'm in a great place right now and this is only fueling my fire to keep moving forward! I know great things are in store and I'm definitely following my dreams. I'm extra grateful to have such a supportive family, they're the best!

Follow all of my fun adventure here on my blog, Instagram, Facebook and twitter. You can also see the news from all of us using the hashtag #DisneySMMoms  ~ until next time! ;)

xo {spread magic}  

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary invitation for this event. All opinions are my own. I am not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company.*