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Number 5

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Donuts and dads.jpg

I love the uniqueness of each of my kids. Their personalities shine in different ways. They certainly take "be comfortable with who you are" to a whole new level!

Last Friday at our sons' school they hosted a "Donuts & Dads" morning. The boys were so excited to bring their daddy to school and eat some sugar treats before class! 

I told them to make sure to wear something nice, because they'll have pictures taken for the yearbook.  

I didn't get a chance to see their final outfits out the door, but my hubby sent me this pic of our no. 5, Juju, in his classy outfit.  :) Granted, he wasn't thrilled to take a picture, he was off to dominate the tetherball scene. He even wears one fingerless glove on his left hand everyday, supposedly for the sport! He's pretty dedicated. Fair enough because I went to watch him and he should join a league. Haha! 

NUMBER5-No Pictures.jpg

As a parent it's so easy to expect them to be little robots that follow directions, keep their clothes clean (good luck!) or even match. I'm learning to pick my battles, roll with punches and let them be who they are. Sure, stripes and camo pants wouldn't be the outfit I would have chosen, but he's comfortable with who he is. Shouldn't I be? 

They are not easily swayed when it comes to fashion. We are raising them to be unique so I guess I shouldn't be surprised when they show up at the mini van wearing a collage of colors and patterns!   

Number 5 Playing Tetherball.jpg

In the same way, embrace who you are. Each of us are special and offer a rarity that is only found from within.  

xo - spread magic today!