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How are you #LikeAGirl?


I'm sure everyone has heard it before... "You throw like a girl. Cry like a girl. Run like a girl. Hit like a girl." "Don't be so girly. Only girls do it like that." Countless times we hear it, see it and experience it.

My sister shared a link on Facebook today, it was Always' newest campaign empowering girls and all of us to think about the negative impact of telling young girls that they are not strong or seemingly inferior; we have contributed to the destruction of their self confidence.

I wasn’t trying to be anything but myself.
— CD

Raising 5 kids, 3 of which are girls in that important age of adolescence, really made me think as I watched this video. This was really inspiring. Personally from my recollections, being told this in correlation with my skills is not something I remember. I was born athletic, so I didn't hear this comment enough to remember. However, because I AM A GIRL, I heard other things. Like this is a boy's sport, or well you still can't play because it's embarrassing to be beaten by a girl. I didn't pick to be athletic, I was just being myself.

On the flip side, I heard #LikeAGirl being told to boys at that age. When I was younger I helped my dad out at basketball practice by "running" the boys during conditioning season. He would have me race the boys and they had to beat me, or run more. They didn't want to get beat out by a girl. Oh god that would be too embarrassing! I never thought about this until watching this video. I simply ran, that's all. I wasn't trying to be anything but myself. There's nothing wrong with girls. We can do anything we put our minds to. 

Let's eliminate the negativity of #LikeAGirl because it affects girls, yes, but also young boys too! Speak life to your children and the children you come in contact with. Encourage them to be who they are and embrace that. Show the kids in your life that they are strong and can do anything!

Enjoy this video, Director Lauren Greenfield and Always did a fabulous job. 

Let me know your thoughts. Were you ever told that you did something #LikeAGirl?

xo {spread magic}