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Rock the Dots in Everyday Minnie Style on National Polka Dot Day!

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If you're obsessed with Minnie, like many of us that are Disney fanatics, you'll be excited to know that January 22nd is National Polka Dot day!

In honor of the true wearer of polka dots, Minnie Mouse, my dear friend and Disney sister - Sarah, has so graciously shared her closet and curated some magical outfit inspiration for us! This is also a great time to announce that Sarah will be joining Sparks of Magic as my partner in crime, focusing on Disney Lifestyle! Yay! 

Minnie Mouse inspired outfits are not just for Disney Parks, so I put together some of my favorite looks to inspire Disney magic for your everyday lives.


The office look

Who says your office look has to be all business? Add a Minnie Mouse shirt to your business attire, like a pencil skirt or slacks, to add a little Disney magic to any outfit. Need to dress it up more? Top it off with a blazer!

Swing into spring!

The magic is in the details with this Minnie-inspired look. We paired a swing skirt with a polka dotted top, then finished it with a black cardigan. We added some touches of Disney magic with our Disney-inspired Minnie Mouse vans and Minnie Mouse earrings.

Yoo-hoo, Valentine!

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we put together a  look that is sure to charm your sweetheart.

When Minnie Mouse made her debut in 1928, her accessories included a tiny red flower hat, which inspired this vintage hat. We kept the vintage look going and paired it with a red vintage swing dress and of course Minnie Mouse-inspired wedges.

The Casual look

Minnie mouse is all about the bows so when I saw this scarf at disneyland I had to buy it. I paired it with a red jacket, inspired by Minnie Mouse's red dress for those chilly spring mornings.

Traveling this spring?

Travel in style with this Minnie Mouse-inspired casual look, so you can #rockthedots across the country! Minnie Mouse’s signature bow dazzles the front, and of course, we can’t forget about Mickey on this fun luggage piece!

We would love to hear about and see your favorite Minnie Mouse inspired looks! Share them on instagram with #rockthedots and #sparksofmagic!

xo, Sarah

I am a twenty-something entrepreneur, vintage model, newbie blogger and Disney enthusiast. I have always had a passion for all things Disney. Camille and I met working for Disney Baby in 2012, and instantly became best friends. We decided to collaborate for the #rockthedots campaign and look forward to working together in the future! 

Styling Simple and Perfect Fall Bags


I LOVE a good bag. It could be a hand bag, tote bag, clutch, satchel, and even back pack! Let's be honest, I have a lot of things. My friends can attest that I am the "prepared" one and if you need anything, I probably have it in my bag! 

I thought it would be fun to gather a list of some of my top bag styles I'm eyeing for the fall for both work and play. I created these sets with Polyvore, and everything seen in my set, within this post are under $50. I like a good deal, what can I say?! :)

Casual Monday Meeting

When I meet with clients I dress business casual. I always love throwing on a bit of Disney magic and then dressing it up! This awesome tote will fit my MacBook Air, notepad, and my life essentials! If I need more space, I can unzip the sides of the bag and if I want a more square look, I can zip it right up!

MinnieChic-Sparks of Magic.png

Too Cool for School

So take it to Disneyland! Just because you're a student doesn't mean you can't have some cool class with your backpack! My favorite detail feature of this VANS backpack is the trim! This backpack would also be amazing for a trip to Disney Parks! Just think of all the pins you could add to it. Not to mention the room available for souvenirs, a sweater and leggings to throw on in the evening... or if you happened to get soaked on Splash Mountain - you'll be good with a spare change. Going back to school doesn't have to be a drag.

Make it a Date

Heading out for a date night means I bust out the fancy. Comfort is always key for me, even if I choose to dress up. This faux crocodile print bag adds some strength to a fairly feminine outfit. I could easily fit my iPad, a light sweater, bottle of water, and my everyday essentials in this handbag. 


I don't know about you, but I love to switch up my bags with my mood. It also depends a lot on what my plans for that day are, and if I'll need extra space for things. If I am with my kids, I almost always have a big "mom" bag. But switching it up for a smaller one for date nights are great, unless we go to the movies and I need to bring gluten free snacks. :) 

How about you? What's your favorite type of bag?

Magic Kids: DisneyBounding

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Welcome to this month's Blogorail Yellow Loop! Today we are sharing DisneyBounding ideas for you and your family.

Last year I was swept into the world of Disneybounding as I attended my first Disney Social Media Moms On the Road event. I went as Ariel!

Then in January I met Leslie Kay, the fabulous gal that started this phenomenon, at the Star Wars marathon weekend. 

I've always loved getting dressed up and I think costumes are awesome, but the concept of creating an outfit from what you have in your closet to represent a character is pretty fun. Not only is it usually easier to wear, you can mix and match pieces for other characters. You are only limited too your own imagination. 

Well, it's almost Halloween and instead of spending a bunch of money on costumes, I thought it would be awesome to do a family DisneyBound! My kids have not quite jumped on the scene so I'll share some ideas and then I have to show you some of my favorite looks from friends that have done Disney events with their kids' Disney styles!  

Since we are a large family, I've tried to think of how we could accomplish a bound that has enough characters, but also a group that we can all agree on – and like. Let me tell you that is no easy feat! So, after taking to the kids and Jeff, I've come up with Peter Pan. There are enough characters and we love the film, so it works!

When we think of outfits we draw inspiration from the characters' outfit colors and styles and then interpret that into what we wear.  There is a really cool app called Polyvore that is all about styling and has a huge library of apparel and accessories that you can create an inspiration board from.

I plan on having some extra fun with scoping out inspiration online and from friends! Here is my friend's son – he went to a local ComiCon event as Han Solo!

photo courtesy Amanda Zimmerman

photo courtesy Amanda Zimmerman

I'm seriously very excited for this project; it will take a little bit to gather all of the pieces for everyone, but it's going to make an amazing family photo! :)

Do you DisneyBound with your kids?  

For more DisneyBounding ideas, check out the other great posts from the Blogorail!

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